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Essay Writing on ‘A HOUSE ON FIRE’

It was a hot day in summer. I was having a nap after my lunch. A sudden noise awoke me. I heard people shouting ‘fire’. I looked out through the window and saw clouds of smoke rising from a house only a few yards away from my house. I was horrified and stood still. Soon I came back to my sense. I rang up the Fire Brigade and came out of my house.

I rushed towards the burning house. A large number of people had gathered there. The flames were rising high. Thick curls of smoke were rising into the sky. The heat was so unbearable that nobody could go near the house. Some people were pouring buckets of water on the flames while others were throwing sand and dust. It was a double – storeyed building. Some of the inmates in the house were caught up in the first floor and were surrounded by flames. They were crying for help. Those inmates who were in the ground floor came out with burns and injuries. People were taking all the articles out of the house and throwing them out.

The arrival of Fire Brigade was a relief to everybody. The fireman fought heroically with the fierce flames. Water pipes were laid and they began to spray water on the fire. One of the officials laid a ladder and brought down the inmates who had been trapped in the first floor amidst flames. The moment he got down along with the inmates, he fall down unconscious. They had received severe burn injuries and were immediately rushed to hospital. The fireman struggled hard to control the fire. The leaping flames began to die down after an hour of hard struggle. Ultimately, the fire was brought under control.

The fire caused great damaged to the house. All the wooden materials, clothes, furniture and other articles were reduced to ashes. The house looked like a heap of debris. The loss was estimated at about two lakh rupees. But there was no loss of human life. I still forget that  horrible sight.

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