Persuasive Speech Topics on Anti-Social Activities


The normal and healthy way for an individual to earn a living id by engaging himself in an activity which is socially useful and accepted by the society. A person may earn his living as a labourer, trader or as a producer. But when a person produces or trades in a way which is socially harmful, that activity is wrong and illegal. Thus, an activity which is not supported by laws of the country or the society, and which is harmful to the economic and social interests of the nation, can be termed as an antisocial or antinational. Such activities destroy the very structure of the country’s social structure. When life become more and more complex, and society tends to urbanisation, more people are tempted to become rich quickly by resorting to evil practices. Some of the antinational practices prevailing today are smuggling, bribery, profiteering and drug trade and addiction.

Smuggling means importing goods illegally from other countries and exporting goods illegally to other countries. The smugglers avoid paying export and import duties to the government and this causes the government heavy losses. Various articles like gold, silver, electronic equipment, arms and narcotics are brought into the country through illegal channels. The main items of smuggling to other countries include historic antiques, food grains, spices , and narcotics like opium, bhang and ganja. This practice ruins the country’s economy and encourages violence. The smugglers use poor men, women and children to carry their goods from place to place. Some of the recent policies of the government have helped to reduce the volume of smuggling of precious metals. But the smuggling of arms and narcotics is on the increase. Very often, money thus gained is used for terrorist activities.

Bribery is another antisocial activity that has become a challenge to Indian democracy. Politicians and government servants sometimes expect illegal rewards for rendering service which is part of their normal duty. Demanding such illegal money is called bribery.  Disposals of files are delayed by go9vernment servants to compel the beneficiaries to offer bribes. Politicians also demand bribes for transfers and posting. This create a lot of trouble for the common man.

Profiteering is yet another antisocial activity which has been increasing in recent years. Hoarding, black marketing and profiteering are interrelated. In times of shortage and war, there is a tendency for some people to engage in these activities to earn easy money. Essential articles which are in short supply are stored by these antisocial groups. These commodities disappear from the market and shortage become acute. People are compelled to buy these articles at very high prices.

Drug addiction is serious menace of the present day. This has also become a challenge before the democratic society. Many young people start taking drugs just out of curiosity and very soon become addicts. Drugs addiction saps the energy of the young and it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of it.

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