Persuasive Speech Topics on THE DUTIES OF A CITIZEN

Persuasive Speech Topics on THE DUTIES OF A CITIZEN

The word ‘citizen’ comes from the Latin word “civis”, which means the inhabitation of a city. Today, “citizen” means “a native or naturalized member of a sovereign state or nation”.

Every citizen has many duties towards his country. He has also many rights. Most citizens are aware of their rights, and demand these rights vociferously, and are relucant to discharge their duties towards their country. The important duty of a citizen is loyalty to his country. One who loves his country will naturally be loyal to it. One who is disloyal to his country is regraded as a traitor. One who loves his country and his loyal to it is called a patriot. The word ‘patriot’ comes from the Latin word ‘patria’ which means ‘fatherland’. In India, we call our country ‘motherland’. Both the words, ‘fatherland’ and ‘motherland’ emphasize our duty to love and to be loyal to our country.

A true patriot always serves his country faithfully. If his country is attacked by a hostile power, he will be ready even to sacrifice his life in defence of its freedom and independence. Naturally, a patriotic citizen obeys the laws of his country. But if he considers a law unjust, he has the right to seek its amendent or repeal constitutional means. A responsible citizen should take should take an intelligent interest in politics. Further, he should take an active part in politics in order to serve his country better.

For educated Indians, this is a very important today, because nearly 500 million of our country men are still illiterate and ignorant, and live in the midst of poverty and squalor. They can be uplifted, gradually atleast, through political action, and devoted social service. All educated Indian citizens should take part willingly and happily in this magnificent entewrprise.

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