Persuasive speech topics on USE AND ABUSE OF LEISURE

Persuasive speech topics on USE AND ABUSE OF LEISURE

“Leisure” is the time that is free from work or other duties. It is what may be called “spare time”, which we can spend as we like. It is a time for relaxation and recreation. Leisure time can be used or abused. At one extreme, there are what are called: the leisured classes”. They dont have to do any work to maintain themselves or their families or dependents, because they have immense ancestral riches accumulated through the centuries. The aristocratic families of Europe and the princely families of India belong to this category.

At the other extreme are those unfortunate people who have to work so hard and so much that they hardly get any leisure. They are so exhausted at the end of their working hours that, whatever little free time they get. They have to utilise for their complete rest. They cannot afford to have any kind of relaxation or recreation. Most people do not belong to either of these two categories. They amy have to work many hours every day. But they do get at least some leisure time.

Among these people many abuse their leisure time, often doing much harm to them. They sit idly, smoking or drinking, or playing cards, or chatting with other people of the same ilk. Others spend all their leisure time in a giddy round of exciting amusements, attending parties or consuming liquour with their cronies in their favourite clubs or bars. Some waste hour after hour, watching silly shows or cricket matches on the TV screen. All these are sheer waste of time. Sensible people use their leisure time for “recreation” in the etymological sense of the word-to restore or create again the energies they have expanded during work, so that they may be fit for work again.

A good way to spend leisure is to engage in some interesting hobby, like gardening, or photography, or stamp-collecting, or making things like toys. Another very interesting and profitable way to spend leisure is to read books. An hour or so of leisure time can be spending enjoyably by engaging in some outdoor game, or in taking a walk through the countryside. And persons with families of their own should certainly spend some leisure time in the company of their children and other members of family.

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