The bomb of population is about to explode unless we adopt the norms of a small and planned family. Not only in India but also in the whole world, population is increasing at a faster rate than ever before, therefore the need of family planning is being felt urgently by all the governments of the world. The pace of the growth of population is so fast that all other plans fail. Production of goods falls short of demand that is ever on the increase. To control the increasing population, a second planning and effective measures are necessary.

We hear of deaths by starvation. Such deaths are becoming common day by day. The poor Indians cannot afford to bring up their children into healthy citizens unless there is much to feed them. But only health is not going to turn them up into good citizens if good opportunities of education are not offered to them. No parents in the whole world like to have unhealthy and illiterate children. Thus it is the duty of all us to realize the gravity of situation right now and adopt speedy measures to control the population.

‘Force is met with force’ is a natural law. So strong action either by the government will not work well. There should not be forced sterilization as this method has a psychological and adverse effect on the physical and mental health of men and women. They need to be educated to adopt various natural methods by which further production of children is checked. And self control will be the best of all methods.

People should be warned against having more than two children. Two children can be brought up into healthy citizens to serve the family and the nation. More children mean the extra financial burden and worry for the parents. Late marriage can also be helpful in this direction. Moreover the people should be taught that there is no difference between a boy and a girl. Thus the problem of population which is eating up our limited resources should be solved as early as possible.

Since Independence our Government has been trying to solve the problem of population. If this problem is solved several other problems will be solved automatically. To understand it we should enquire into the causes, effects and remedies of this problem.

What are the causes of the rapid growth of India’s population? In India, early marriage is a rule rather than an exception. Abject poverty of the masses considerably leads to higher birth – rate. People want to increase the number of working hands in the family. They do not seem to have a sense of responsibility of bringing up their children in decent way. The health revolution, sanitation, hygienic and efficient methods of medical and has considerably decreased the death rate. In fact, the decisive factor behind the growth of India’s population is as much the high birth- rate as the dramatic decline in the nation’s death – rate.

What has been the evil effect of the abnormal increase in the population of India? The unchecked increase has led to congestion and overcrowding especially in the big cities. There is a great hue and cry against the shortage of food stuffs, cloth, houses and other things of necessity and comfort. There is a rapid rise in prices because of the increase in demand. It has limited the scope of employment. There is unemployment and underemployment. Let but not the least, the fragmentation of land among the cultivators is the natural offshoot of it. Forcible methods will not do well to the people. Such methods create a sense of anger against the government. The government is now trying its best to adopt ways and means by which people are learning, though by small degree, their duties and responsibilities towards their family and the nation as a whole. They now know that only a small family can bring lasting happiness to them and their children. We look forward to a prosperous nation.