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Principles Of Management : Directing

Directing is the important managerial function that imitates organizer’s action. It is a connecting and activating link between various functions of management. It is a process around which all performance revolves. It is essentially concerned with mobilizing and synthesizing human resources and efforts to accomplish the goals of the organization.

Direction phase of Management is the heart of management in action It is a continuous function without proper directions and supervision employees became in active dull and inefficient and consequently the physical assets like machinery and plant will be put to ineffective use. Direction is the essence of all operational in an organization.

“ Direction is defined as the process of instructing, counseling guiding, motivating and leading the human factor to achieve organizational goals effectively”

Principles of management unit 4 Directing  Study Material download

Salient features of Direction

a) Direction Consists of the process and techniques utilizing in issuing instruction and making certain that operations are carried out as originally planned.

b) Direction is a complex function that includes all those activities which are designed to encourage subordinates to work effectively and efficiently in both the short and long run.

c) Direction is telling people what to do and seeing that they do tit to the best of their ability.

d) Directing (activating) deals with the steps a managers takes to get sub-ordinates and offers to carryout plans. e) Directions is indispensable managerial function because it deals with human resources and human relations

f) Direction is aimed at maintaining harmony among employees and groups in an organization.

g) Direction is to necessary to integrate the individual and organizational goals.

h) Direction consists of four elements viz communication, Motivation, leadership and supervision.

i) Direction is a continuous function. It is on going process, not just one-short deed.

j) Direction provides linked between different functions in an organization.

Importance of Direction

1. Direction is both complex and important.

2. Direction is important because in its absence sub-ordinates may not perceive the organizational goals.

3. Direction bridges the gap between managerial decisions and actual execution by people.

4. Direction is the “ make – happen “ Management.

5. Direction is an integrating function of Management as it effectively integrates the individual goals with organizational objectives .

6. Direction facilitates the introduction of charges in an organization.



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