Every responsible person today complains of the indiscipline among students. This is a fact born out the daily happenings. Students go on strike whenever something is done against their will. They insult teachers. In examination they insist on copying. If any invigilator checks them he is threatened. All this clearly proves that our students are in disciplined.

We cannot blame the students as causes of indiscipline. The most important one is the political cause. The various political parties make use of the students for their own ends.

Our education does not suit many of the students. They do not find it of any use. They fail to get suitable job after completing their education. This makes them unhappy. So they behave in an indiscipline way.

There is no personal touch between teachers and students-Class are generally overcrowd. So the students do not learn many things which they ought to learn from this teacher, moreover teachers are not qualified or interested.

In society immature youngsters find their elders behaving in indiscipline way. As they see so they do. Many things they see in cinemas, they practice in. the class room. In fact social conditions are responsible for students in discipline all round.

Though the problem is difficult one and indiscipline is fast spreading, yet is not such as cannot be solved. Only we need a will to solve it. Here are some suggestions which, if followed will go a long way towards solving this problem.

Firstly, politics in every form must be kept out of schools and colleges. Teachers to indulge in politics. No one should be allowed to take part in politics. Students and teachers must remain busy in their educational works.

Only first class person must be appointed as teachers. Grades and salaries of the teachers are raised from time to time as also their academic qualifications.

Students must be kept away from the dirty cinemas. If we want to solve this problem all of us must cooperate. Govt, alone cannot solve it. Growing indiscipline is poisonous for the nations. It is in the interest of everyone to help in solving this problem.