Punctuality, which is a great virtue, means arriving or doing things on the appropriate time. It is one of the most important and essential qualities that should be followed by one and all. Punctuality is the politeness of kings, duty of gentleman and necessity of business. It instills in men a great confidence. A person who realizes the importance of punctuality is never late for his appointments. He who holds to his appointment and does not keep anybody waiting for him shows that he has regard for time. Great wars have been lost because of impunctuality on parts of the generals of the armies. A student should always be punctual in reaching the school, playground, etc. A person who does not sick to time is a failure as he loses great opportunities just because he is late. Once there was a girl called ‘Late Kate’. She was always late. One day she was called for an interview. The interview board wanted to give her the job, as she was the most qualified person among the candidates. But she did not reach that place of appointment on time. The next qualified person was selected for the job. Thus, she lost a golden opportunity. One should therefore form the habit of punctuality in doing things. As, for example, a student should do his homework and class work in time.