RECESS PERIOD: Essay Writing


 There is no greater relief than hearing the bell heralding the recess period. All the students rush out of their class rooms shouting and laughing. Once out in the compound, everybody is busy playing and eating. Students run here and there. They do not observe any discipline then. They refresh themselves and feel relaxed after the continuous work in three-four periods.

Students play games and forget about their books. But some students make use of the time to copy home work from other’s note book. Such students do not work at home. Some students sit in different corners of the ground and discuss their favourite topics. Small disputes and exchanges of hot words are not very uncommon.

In the recess period the school canteen is full of life. There are long queues to get eatables like samosas, bread pakoras, sandwitches and pattys. Students prefer to sit in the canteen and have tea and cold drinks. Teachers sit in the staff room, eating and talking. They also relax and prepare themselves for the remaining periods. The moment the bell rings, once again periods start and calm returns to corridors.