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Right use of Leisure

To be at one’s leisure is to be free from duties or occupation. It means that one is free to do or not to do anything. It is libera­tion from our routine jobs and responsibilities. It puts one at one’s ease.

Time is limited and so every hour of it is precious. So we should make the right use of our leisure. People spend their leisure time differently. Leisure should be used most advantageously. The pursuit of hobbies is the best use of leisure. A hobby gives us pleasure. It is an activity which provides enjoyment. People resort to gardening, indulge in outdoor or indoor games, and go out for walks during leisure time. But some others train themselves in lines other than their jobs during leisure. Freedom from employment for such people is not at all real freedom. It is simply a change from one type of labour to another. This is the creative use of leisure.

Life is full of opportunities and he who uses these will succeed in life. It is not good to waste our time. The leisure we get should not be wasted in idling. There are people who do nothing during their leisure. It is not real rest and it only increases restlessness. It is said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. Some of the popular ways of using leisure are book reading, theatre – going, gardening, collecting stamps and pictures, playing musical instruments, writing poems or stories, painting etc. All these make a man engaged, and give him enjoyment and pleasure.  These help him to use his leisure hours profitably.

People can use their leisure also for nation-building activities. There are many problems like illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, over- population, casteism, communalism, and the use of liquor . The educated people in a society can help to eradicate these evils. They can start literacy programmes during their free time. The illiterate people can be told of the importance of family planning, clean health habits, the evils of communalism, and the dangers of excessive use of liquor. These will lead to improve the quality of the people and the nation will benefit in the long run.

We should devote our leisure for some useful occupation. A regular intellectual worker can engage himself in some kind of manual work in his leisure. On the other hand, a regular manual worker may engage himself in some intellectual work like reading newspapers and books and listening to good talks on the radio or television. This will enable a person to escape from dullness and to introduce variety in life.

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