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The Role of Students in Democracy

Democracy is a Government of the people. Students form a considerable part of the population of a country. Naturally they have and should have a say in the governance of a country. They are full of energy, enthusiasm and hope. Students symbolize the youth of the nation. Often the students are kept aloof from the mainstream of politics and administration. If the young students do not share their responsibility, it will fall heavily on the decaying shoulders of the old people as it is the present case. The older generation has its limitations.

Essay Writing Topics Role of Students in Democracy

Democracy is neither stale like monarchy nor is it a reign of terror like dictatorship. Democracy stands for permanent everlasting ripples in the body politic of the nation. It requires active vigilance. A little carelessness may reduce it to a plaything of a dictator.  Selfish over-enthusiasm may breed indiscipline and it will lead to anarchy. It may disintegrate the nation. It is only the young students who can provide active and unselfish vigilance. They can keep the nation strong enough to face the attack of an ambitious foreign power. Thus democracy is built on the strength of the youth.

Democracy requires not only vigilance but also change. Progress in a democratic set up requires innovation in all the spheres of human life and innovation is the privilege of the educated youth. Social and economic institutions develop in a successful democracy. Thus it is essential for the young students to play an active role in the democratic set-up. The citadel of democracy rests on virtues like social equality, individual liberty, freedom of thought and a spirit of tolerance. The old may be a little conservative in this regard. But the young are broad-minded They lay stress upon freedom of thought and individual liberty So they should be an essential part of the political set-up to make democracy a real success.

It is a sad fact that politics in backward countries is controlled by mafias and criminals. The educated youth can oppose such moves and make politics clean. Thousands of students have laid down their lives for the success of democracy in many countries of the world. The Government of India has given voting rights to the young who are eighteen. They have already changed the political equation in the country. The sense of patriotism of the  young students will make Indian democracy a real success.

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