Science today, is a synonym for life, every aspect of it is governed by science. The mechanization has reduced human beings to robots. Our activities, our action, even our thoughts are scientific now. We are today gods as compared with our ancestors of a few thousand years back. The forces of nature which inspired awe and horror in the minds of our forefathers have since been harnessed to serve us rather than govern us. Rains, floods, diseases, epidemics, endemics no longer frighten us. We do not fear and worship them now, we do not consider them gods but simple phenomena of nature which can be made to serve us or which can be avoided easily.

Science has made the world smaller, time and distance have almost lost their significance. We can see, hear, and speak from incredibly long distances. Vast oceans, great deserts, dense forests are no impediments in the way of traveling across them. Journey by land, sea and air has been made easier, more comfortable, quicker and safer. About thousand miles an hour is a common thing. We can travel under the sea, in the air, on the land and now across millions of miles through space.

Internet, Computer, Telephone, Television, Telescope, Telegraph, Teleprinter, Communication satellites, Aeroplanes, Submarines, magnificent dignified Ocean Liners, Printing presses, cloth mills and other modern factories are some of the marvels of modern age which have revolutionized travel, communication, and life styles. Man has reached the moon not once but as many as six times! Lunar landings will soon become a thing of past Human unmanned spacecrafts have already landed on Mars.

Cinematograph, television, photography, video, digital photography, CD players made life delightful, entertaining, enlightening and amusing whereas computers, teleprinters, automation, electric heaters, coolers, electric iron, air -conditioners, refrigerators, cold storage have made life happier, more comfortable and worth living! Science has helped eradication of many diseases and provided protection against almost all the incurable diseases.

Huge machines are working day in and day out to manufacture things which make our lies pleasant and charming and comfortable. There is other side of picture also. Science has its darker aspect as well. Sophisticated weapons of war—tanks, destroyers, torpedoes, bombs, machine guns, guided missiles, ICBMs, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs etc. have wrought havoc on the world and caused innocent people to suffer from these atrocities of ferocious aspect of science. It can be said that science has not made life peaceful rather it has made life hastier, hurried, worried, and restless; men and women have been too inquisitive and too rash. No doubt science has helped lengthen the life span, decreased the death and increased the birth rates so much so that new means have to be devised to keep a check on the growing population of the country. Science is like a beautiful toy, a beautiful useful instrument, tool which if used carefully and cautiously is a boon, and if not is a curse of God, on the ill – users, abusers of science.

Summing up, it can be said that like everything, science also has its brighter and the darker aspect but doubtless even the staunchest pessimist cannot help confirm that gains we have gained from science outweigh the losses, uses outnumber the harmful aspects.