Our day starts with an alarm clock, which is an invention of science, and then we brush our teeth with toothpaste, which is a product of chemical engineering. Therefore like it or not we live a life which is simply science all around. Beginning with the invention of the wheel, industrialization has taken us a long distance into development and use of science in our daily lives.

Television sets, fridge, gas oven, cars and two wheelers have become common possessions and the use of electricity has become so essential that even if we have power failures for few hours’ cities come to a standstill.

Medicinal science is a prime example of where science and our daily lives have met in a close encounter. There is hardly a household where prescribed drugs are not used and medical treatments are also becoming increasingly available in a scientifically advanced manner like various instruments for body tests and surgery. Futuristic and new techniques like stem cell research and cloning of body parts will make life so much easier for those of us suffering from serious ailments like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

With satellites hovering outside our atmosphere the prediction of weather has become almost a scientific certainty. Cable television has brought the entire world to our drawing rooms. The research in fields of botany, zoology, chemistry and physics has given human society innumerable tools of use for a better life.

The advances made in telecommunications are astounding and the world has become a small place today because of scientific means of transportations. Commerce and trade has taken a modern scientific approach and technology plays a big role in our daily lives. Even the way we do our shopping has changed because of science. We can purchase goods on the Internet and participate in auctions! Distance education has benefited because of real time connectivity.

Agriculture methods have seen many changes because of use of scientific methods and means, besides construction of dams have changed our irrigation pattern and reduced our dependency on only monsoon rains.

Computers have become integral part of not just the industry and service sector but the lives of students, businessmen and even households. PCs are becoming very common in urban areas. The Internet brings immense storehouse of knowledge and information into our houses at the click of a mouse. Media has become highly technological and so has the movie industry. The use of animation and graphics is giving us super quality action and pictures giving free rein to our imagination on screen.

Various scientific tools can give the human mind freedom and creativity to explore the world in an incredible manner. It has changed our lives in every aspect but not necessarily for the better. The application of science in life needs great understanding and planning. The very science, which has given us healthy lives and stronger minds, may cause our own destruction. The misuse of science has already given us the curse of pollution. It is for the students of today to dedicate themselves to the vision of quality life with a firm foundation on science without losing the broader perspective of protecting our environment and the natural balance of life.