Short Essay about MORNING WALK


Sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights. This is the time when mountain-tops, trees, tempest and cottages are bathed in golden lights. A gentle breeze blows and brings peace to the human soul. Small dew drops on petals and leaves look like precious pearls.

A walk at this time is very beneficial for a long and healthy life. It is extremely refreshing. It is beneficial not only for the body but also for the mind. The fresh morning breeze drives away all cares and worries. The trees look fresh and beautiful and the grass green. The air is laden with rich fragrance of flowers. Sparrow’s chirp and bees flit from flower to flower, gathering and sipping honey. Many people visit gardens and do exercise, some sit quietly under a tree, some jog and some regulars run to keep fit. Farmer drives his oxen to field and shepherd boy takes the flock of sheep and goats out. Women carry loads of vegetables to the market to sell. Milkmen carry their pails of milk on their heads and fisher men with their nets walk to the river. Such are the sights one encounters during a morning walk.