Short Essay about HOW TO BOOST YOUR IMAGE?


If one wants to be praised everywhere, there are certain things that need to be followed right from the school level. Two things that enable one to edge ahead of others: image and personality. Personality here not only refers to physical features, which can be built up by doing regular exercise, yoga, eating the right food, dressing neatly, avoiding some distasteful colours and sleeping well.

But how to boost one’s own image? It is an art. Children studying in upper classes can practice this as part of their curriculum. First and foremost, it is one’s standard of study. Unless one secures very good marks, it is not possible. Next is the discipline. Once these two aspects have been ensured and achieved, the rest is easy.

Speech, behavioural pattern, character, decency, integration, honesty, humour, respect for fellowmen, undaunted nature, never hesitating to accept one’s own mistakes, speaking minimum, and at the same time, intelligibly, (it requires reading a lot on wide range of subjects), the way one walks and many more of them.

To cap it all, the first impression is what one makes with the people one meets. Maintaining eye contact when speaking with the higher ups, avoiding body language that betrays one’s inner feelings of uneasiness, sitting bolt upright and listening to what is spoken. Asking a superior to repeat what he or she had said, no matter even if you say politely, “Pardon me,” is sure to irritate him or her.

When a superior says something which is impossible, never say, no. Listen, analyze and voice your opinion later. If a colleague teases you, do not lose your temperament. Just smile and stroll away without minding it. People continue to mock at others who react immediately.

Observe and understand people you move with. After you have understood each, you can change your style and treat each accordingly. Do not speak ill of others. Even if anyone says something bad about another, say nothing. Strictly, no back biting!

Remember, you are what people speak behind you.