Short Essay about DISCIPLINE


Discipline is a part and parcel of our life for a good and prosperous living. Discipline is must for an orderly society. Without discipline the social life would became miserable. An orderly way observed in the functioning of universe according to the national laws is the meaning of discipline.

Discipline means the willing submission of a person to rules, regulation and instructions to someone recognized by society. It is a willing and polite discharge of one’s deity towards others in society.

Discipline does not mean slavery. A disciplined person also have full freedom but the freedom of a disciplined is such it neither it disturbs the society nor interferes with others freedom.

Discipline is a virtue. It provides mental strength and physical fitness to discriminate good from the bad and to defend the right against wrong. Discipline must be observed by every one of us in all walks of life.

There are two main aspects of discipline the one moral aspect, which concern with the individual and his inner qualities. The other is social aspect; it mostly governs the external behaviour of a person in the society.

Discipline benefits the individual as well as the society. Discipline is an act taught us by an external agency. Also discipline is always imparted from outside to an individual or a society.

Discipline is the life blood of the society and its red strength. A disciplined country became a strong country. It achieves success of highest order. But at present we lack discipline both as individual and or society. We do not have courage a firm conviction. So, my dear friends, we should be disciplined whether at home, in school, on the play ground or duty in the office or in the army.