We find marked physical differences among people. Some people we see are diseased and some healthy. It depends so much on their thinking and ways of life. It is said that we do not know the value a thing until we have lost it. So it is with health. When we are young and strong and have good health, we think little about it. So we are often careless about our health. Without thinking, we spoil our by bad habits. It is only when we lost our good health that we find that it was one of God’s best gifts to us.

Good health is a requisite to happiness and success. Bad health means misery and failure. The real wealth is health. We may have plenty of money. But we cannot enjoy it unless we have good health. A man who losses health he losses social environment too. Loss of health makes one miserable and he becomes burden to himself and to others. It cripples his efforts. He cannot accomplish much and it spoils his life. But good health brings mental alertness and this helps one to accomplish great things in life.

We can keep good health only by knowing and carefully obeying the laws of health. By eating the right food, one is able to secure good health. People often ruin their health by eating too much. We should develop knowledge about the vitamins and minerals in our food. Plenty of fresh air is essential for our health. Regular bodily exercise is essential to keep our body fit. Honest, regular, pleasing work and cleanliness will do much keep us healthy. We must avoid bad habits like excessive eating, drinking, smoking etc., Meditation makes a person mentally and physically sound.

As Herbert Spencer said, “the preservation of health is a duty”. Unhealthy persons like to be mentally unhealthy. It is the healthy individual who maintains the health of the nation.

It is our duty to keep the society healthy. Only then the country would prosper. Thus the prosperity of a nation indirectly depends on the health of its people. Our ideal must be a sound mind in a sound body. So we must eat good food, take regular exercises and cultivate mental as well as physical health.