Short Essay about THE HOLI


Holi is the festival of colours. It brings joy and relaxation to young and old, rich and poor equally. It falls on the full moon day of the month of Phalgun every year by Hindu calendar.

There are several stories behind the celebration of holi. The most familiar is that of Prahlad. He is a son of Hiranya Kashyap – a demon king – was a very good devotee of God. Where as the father was an enemy of j    God and believed in his own power. The demon king tried his best to teach Prahlad hatred towards God. But Prahlad never deviated from his path of devotion to God. The king tried in vain to kill his own son by any means. Every time he was saved by Lord Vishnu. At last king being vexed in his attempts to kill his enemy’s devotee consulted his sister Holika – She was gifted with the boon that fire cannot burn her. She sat in fire with Prahlad. By the grace of God once more Prahlad survived and Holika burn to ashes. This happened on this full moon day of Phalgun. The commemorate the occasion of the burning of evil force. This festival is celebrated the next day with jubilation and joy.

On the day of festival woman perform worship in the houses and Holi is burnt in the night according to ritualistic procedure. People worship the fire and parch green ears of barley and gram in it. Later the parched material is distributed among friends and relatives.

Dances and songs throwing coloured water on each other in gay mood is one of the most main attractions of this festival. In this festival old enmities are buried and people start fresh and friendly relations. People of all the castes and creed, and all the classes join this festival with open heart of love and affection. It is one of the finest festivals where gaiety, colours, love, joy pours forth from the bottom of human hearts.