Advertisements are the life line of business today. Right from the full page advertisement of tyres, Maruti or Televisions in newspapers to the wall advertisement of spices and local soaps we have them all around us almost all the time. Peep out of the window the ‘breeze’ lady awaits you under a shower bath on the opposite wall. It is just below the window of the lady who adds to the charm of the advertisement. Enter a bus a gentlemen in Mafatlal suiting welcomes you just above the conductor’s seat. The bus takes a round and you find a man in the latest underwear on one of the comer holdings.

Television has added a new chapter to the world of advertisement. Men and women in time and out of time would take a dive in the swimming pool in their underwear. The advertisement has nothing to do with the pool or the underwear. It is just a suggestion that such ultra modem people take a particular type of cold drink or a particular brand of tea. It may also be in a boat rushing fast against the current of the river. Sometimes the ads are more fantastic than the TV serial itself.

It is the only support for the publication of newspapers and magazines. If they have no advertisement it would be hell of a task to run the paper. Government, public and private sector advertisements support the papers. One can hardly find a paper like Indian Express courageously facing the music. Even Indian express has reviewed the situation and has made efforts to regain its lost clientele.

With the growth of new techniques advertisement have taken a new shape. Novelty of ideas is reflected in the ads. Some ads are such that people take a fancy to them and copy them. Sometimes they identify themselves with the character of the advertisement A balloon with a huge advertisement is the most enchanting sight.