Last week there was great excitement in our little town. Municipal elections which were due soon electrified the atmosphere of the whole town. Brisk canvassing had been going on for the past one month and voters had been approached, flattered, begged, threatened, and even bribed.

The excitement reached its highest pitch on Sunday- the actual day of polling. The town woke up that day earlier than usual.

The candidates were taken in processions to the polling stations. Motor-car, rickshaw and other vehicles could be seen hurrying to and fro, bringing crowds of voters and unloading them at the polling booth.

Even poorest voter had a taste of importance. He was approached, entreated, coaxed and influenced in many ways. The voters were entertained with fruit, sweets and cold drinks before being taken to the polling station.

There was great rush at the polling booth. People stayed in queue for hours to caste vote. All the candidates had their supporters assembled outside the polling booths.

In the evening the votes were counted and the election result was declared. The elected candidates were profusely garlanded and taken out in a procession through the streets of the town.