It is true that there are good and bad etiquette. Any feeling that a person who comes across in our daily life, leaves on our mind will always from their excellent manners. A god mannered person immediately attracts attention. Etiquettes are more sufficient than ethics. Good ethics stand for the growing of a decent personality.

Good etiquettes mean good behaviours with others they are nothing but an art of getting along with people, and art of pleasing people. They make persons good. They are credentials we instinctively present to our fellowmen as we make our way through life and on which people base their primary opinion of our merits and demerits. Good ethics extend to the all range of activity-from correct way of eating to wisest and most successful methods of ruling a kingdom. So they can be named as acceptable behaviour.

Mark Twain says, “The peach was ones a bitter almond, a cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education”. This means knowledge unadorned by good etiquettes is but poor achievement. A good manned person is always unbeaten. They are also well-liked, courteous and calm. They are trust worthy and positive. We are social animal we have to live in a society good ethics permit us to engage in successful social life and serve as a mirror to the society. We should be respectful. We should say “Thank you” for a service received. We should be courteous in the presents of our superior or equals. We should not be arrogant, selfish, egoistic and impolite. We should always be clean.

Good ethics are to be learnt from childhood. Otherwise, evil manners grow very quickly, which can never help as to go ahead in life. As social ethnicity differ from place to place we should be develop a sense of adaptableness.