In India, there are many languages that are in existence. Hindi is the most common and followed by a large percentage of population. For this, the country has adopted Hindi or Hindustani as the National Language.

In our constitution several languages have been accepted as major languages. These are Assames, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Sindhi, Nepali, Telugu, and Kannada etc. All these languages are in use and application in the country simultaneously. There is no controversy amongst the languages, mostly; a state has its own language.

Each language has its characteristics. Most of these languages are well developed and rich. Languages unite people of different regions. However, seldom there are differences also amongst the followers of different languages.

In 1956 and later also there was a controversy between English and Hindi. At times, it had achieved dangerous proportions. However this controversy is now very insignificant. So many things we know by a language. It is a base of civilization. People from different states can interact by knowing more languages.

Many parts of the country have different languages but inspite of it the language problem in India we have unity in diversity.