Short Essay on MY PET ANIMAL


I am very fond of animals. I love them since my childhood. My parents and I belong to a village. In my childhood I saw many domestic and pet animals in my house. I had also a pet animal. It was a dog. Its name was ‘Shera’. It was ery trong and faithful. I liked shera very much. But due to my father’s transfer, we had to go to city. There we bought a house and started living.

In city, I acquired an Alsation-breed dog, ‘Silky’. My father purchased it when it was only six week old. It has now grown up. It has a fox-like face with long hair and strong body. It plays with children. It is very alert at night and starts barking and jumping at the very sight of a stranger. So we feel quite secure because of its presence in the house.

I love my dog very much. It is very faithful to us. It accompanies me in my walks in the morning. Its little footsteps look very beautiful. It is a very nice dog.