Short Essay on TELEVISION


Television is one of the greatest wonders of the modern age. It is an electronic device by which people cannot only hear but also see what is happening at a distance. It has brought people nearer everywhere.

Television has three major functions; it entertains, educates and most important of all, informs. Information is telecast mainly through the daily news bulletins. Documentaries and discussions with suit­able visuals provide education and information. Entertainment comes in various forms, from telecasting movies and serials, music and dance recitals. Various matches, games and sports events are telecast to pro­vide entertainment to sports lovers. Talented persons and well- known personalities are able to share or display their abilities through this medium.

Inspite of the above blessings; television has certain harmful ef­fects also. Modem man is getting addicted to television and spends most of his time in watching it regardless the quality and value of programmes. Students thus spend less time on their studies. Many valuable hobbies, especially reading are less cultivated now among the young Worthless programmes are often telecast. Hence, the T.V. set is often nick-named the idiot box. Yet when properly used, television is a boon to modern society.