Short Essay on TSUNAMI


It is said that nature has its own ferocity. Earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami landslides, flood, disease, etc are all point to the over whelming superiority of nature. Men can a helpless bystander then. Nature has its own unpreciphered way of main training a balance too. Tsunami is the best example of nature’s fury. It is the deadly tidal waves unleashed by the earthquake. It is so powerful that even makes the earth shake on its axis and lastingly alters the regional map. It is one of the greatest tsunami occurred was in 2004. The sea parted off the coast of Indonesia, the furious water roated with a medieval echo. Rising from the floor of the ocean in gigantic waves, it robed nations of their land, families of their loved ones and towns of their identity. The world was left shaken. The Sumatra earthquake that recorded nine in the Richter scale had triggered tsunami that lashed across the coast of 13 nations. About 200,000 people died across south Asia and southeast and also alone the coastline of India, SriLanka, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. According to the records, up to five million people bee displaced by the shocking tsunami. The worst affected country was Indonesia. About 100000 people lost their life in Indonesia itself. In India, the worst affected areas were Tamilnadu and Andaman Nicobar Island and Pondicherry. About 10000 people were killed in India. Citizens all over the world are donated liberally for the tsunami relief fund. The United Nations organization has started the biggest ever relief operations in tsunami affected areas. Mass funerals were taking place amid scenes of shocking grief as bodies lay decaying alone coastlines throughout the region to point where recognition was no longer probable.