Science and religion are two aspects of human life. The second aspect is very ancient but science came in to existence in the sixteenth century. From the act of shaving in the morning to the action of lighting up in the evening every part of the man’s life is deeply related to science. To a stranger, science and religion are two conflicting force of life.

Science and religion have their own scope and functions. In science we advance from the particular to the general. But religion is a more complex phenomenon. It has three aspects (a) Church (b) the creed (c) the code of personal morals. These aspects are varying in degree and in importance in different times and different places.

Apparently science and religion move on divergent lines. According to a scientist, religion is a heap of superstitions practice and ritual follies. For him science is contrary to religion and hits it hard.

A theologian believes in their finality but a scientist there is nothing final. But behind the apparent diversity, there is a unity between science and religion. Both are the manifestation of human organism. A theological like a scientist tries to discover the mysteries of the universe and to assign a proper place to human beings in the scheme of things. Both the aspects feel a great charm in deploying the secrets of nature. The bases form of religion is a dogma but the basic science is destruction. Deprive science and religion of their basis limits and then they lie on the same circle of human welfare and heavenly bliss. In truth they evaluate the creative forces of nature.

But religion is greater than science in one respect. It is a way of feelings, a way of consolation a spiritual enlightenment. According to George Bernard “Life will lose its charm when faith is replaced by cold scientific reason” Science can certainly satisfy the material needs of a man but it cannot quench his thirst for two king beyond the real. If science can satisfy the mind, the heart will have to be consoled by religion alone. So long as mind and heart are there, science and religion will certainly justify their existence.