Short Essay Topics about GOPAL KRISHNA GOKHALE


Gopal Krishna Gokhale was one of the greatest freedom fighter of India. He was born on 9th march, 1866. He was very much influenced by his mother.

He finished his schooling in 1881 and graduated from Mumbai University in 1884. He was the principal of Fergusson College, Pune.

Gokhale had a very good memory. He became a follower of Justice Ranade. He was very truthful in his work. Gandhiji was very much impressed by his wisdom and straight forward nature. Gandhiji considered Gokhale as his political guru.

In 1905, Gokhale became the President of the congress. To train the young men for public service, he established the ‘Servants of India Society’. He admired the British rule. He was a cultured man.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale served the country faithfully. But his health did not support him for long. He passed away on 19th February, 1915 and India lost a great patriot.