Short Essay Topics on DRUG ADDICTION


Drug addiction means ‘developing the habit of taking intoxicants’. In the materialistic world today, where man is burdened with worries, drug addiction has become a fashion as well as a practice. People belong to the upper section of society have turned to drug-taking for saving themselves from worries they have to face in their day-to-day life. People belonging to the lower section have fallen into the clutches of the anti-social elements and have turned to drug-taking.

The practice of drug-taking has let loose the doors to hell. Brown-sugar, opium, hashish, ganja and the like are taking the drug-addicts nearer to death quicker than any other malady.

According to a recent report more than one and half a million people lose their lives by these drugs. The life of drug-addict becomes a hell. He feels physically wrecked, morally degraded and mentally bankrupt. He becomes a diseased organ of society. Immediate and effective steps should be taken to root out those evil from the society. Otherwise a total social-ruin will not be far off.