Short Essay about THE VALUE OF TREES


It has been stated that in the ‘Shiva Puran’ that those who plant trees will get place in Heaven forever. It definitely is true as we can well experience heaven on Earth just by the existence of trees. Trees are a great asset and boon to human race. Their use-value and economic value are immense.

When the sun bums real bright we get shade and cool from a tree. Soil erosion is successfully cheerful by the trees, which hold the soil together preventing the water away and hence increasing soil fertility too.

Mother Nature’s beautiful blessings can be seen in the form of trees with medicinal values like Eucalyptus and Cinchona. Trees along with herbs have led to the development of several branches of medicine in our country like Ayurveda, Sidha, Naturopathy and Unani.

One of the most important services rendered by trees to mankind is pollution control especially air pollution. They take in Carbon dioxide and give out Oxygen needed by us.

The word ‘eco’ is derived from the word “ecology” which meaning house. Trees, the milestone of the eco-system, provides home for a wide range of birds and animals.

The beneficent trees provide us with wholesome food-fruits and leaves. Oils extracted from them and of great use value.

The economic importance of trees can never be questioned. There are renewable sources of raw materials to the industries. This very paper is a product obtained from bamboo trees. Teak, rosewood, etc. are used in carpentry to make doors, windows etc.

Trees play a pivotal role in maintaining the genetic diversity of many an eco-system.Trees help to increase the ground water level. Growing trees help in holding the soil during denudation in catchment areas.

Bulwark against encroachment of the sea is another important use of trees. Mangrove forests which are salt tolerant eco-systems stabilize the shore lines by acting as bulwark against encroachment by the sea.

Trees are used as instruments of prevention to check the extension of sound dunes in desert areas. This technique is used in Rajasthan.

Trees are invaluable gifts that Nature has bestowed up on us. We need trees for our survival. It is up to us to cherish them and preserve them for generations to come. Let’s therefore take a resolve to restore the thick forest cover by planting more and more trees, protecting them and feeding them till these are no more vulnerable to stray animals and wanton action of some greedy persons.