Short Essay Writing on CHANDRAYAAN 1


Chandrayaan 1 was India’s first unmanned lunar probe. It was a major boost to India’s space program. It is India’s own developed technology in order to explore the moon. It was launched by India’s national space agency; the Indian space research organization .Chandrayaan means “moon craft”. Moon has always enthralled Indians from ancient days this led to scientific study of the moon and chandrayaan 1 is the first mission towards the dream.

       The ISRO successfully launched chandrayaan 1 on 22 October 2008 from Satish dhawan Centre, Shriharikotta, Andhra Pradesh India, thus become the fourth country to place its flag on the moon. It was launched to study the lunar surface to make a complete map of its chemical characteristics and three dimensional land spaces. It carried 11 scientific instruments build in India, USA, Germany Sweden and Bulgaria. Its launch vehicle was 2009. Actually it was intended to survey the moon for two years. Even though it is unexpectedly ended, the mission achieved 95 per cent of its planned objective by providing large amount of data. It completed more than 3400 revolutions around the moon and dispatched over 70,000 images of the moon through a NASA instrument called moon mineralogy map per.

       The launch of chandrayaan 1 shows that India is now ready to fly high in the field of science. India is proud of this moon mission. Mission failures are usual for countries and organizations. Now the Indian space organization has announced that chandrayaan 2 is expected to be launched by the year 2013. The craft will include Lander and a rover for a soft land on the moon. The rover, which lands on the moon, will move on its surface to collect samples of rocks and soil and conduct chemical analysis on the samples. The data from analysis would be sent to the craft, which would be circling above. India has planned to launch missions to mars also in 2030.