Short Essay writing on MY FAVOURITE GAME




My favourite game is football. I like it more than any other games. It is very thrilling and it provides exercise for the whole body. Football is a game of entertainment and exercise. Therefore, it is an internationally acclaimed game of the youth.

Football is a game I picked up when I was quite young. It is played in an open field which gives plenty of fresh air. Fresh air and good exercise are very important foods for good health. Football is a game played within the duration of ninety minutes, which can be extended when required. It is played with eleven players each on either side. Five forwards, three backs, two half-backs and one goal-keeper, are the members of a team. The goal keeper’s position is more difficult. The team   which wins the toss kicks off the ball from the centre of the court. The players can touch the ball with any part of their body except their hands. The goal-keeper, however, can hold the ball with his hands while guarding the goal post. The referee controls the game. He has to see there is no foul play. Pushing an opponent, kicking him, knocking him down and going ahead of the ball near the opposite goal post are considered foul play. Hence, discipline and team spirit ensure a better chance of winning the game. The team that scores the most goals is the winner.

The game of football is not as expensive as the game of cricket or tennis. It is easy to pick up the rules of the game. It develops in us a sense of discipline, team spirit and the habit of endurance. A good football player is likely to succeed in any walk of life. The game of football helps us to develop considerations for the others and the ability to accept defeat. Football has physical, mental and moral importance.

Since we have a large football ground in our school, I play it every day. With the advent of the television, I have been able to watch world class football. This helps me to acquire the latest techniques of the game. Thus I played and enjoy football very much. When compared to tennis or cricket, football is more fascinating and lively game.