Short Essay Writing on HOW TO BE HAPPY


The modern world is full of competition, stress and strain. Modern life is full of tensions, anxiety, worry and strain. It is true that life is full of struggles and difficulties. Modern living and material thinking have added trouble and frustration to life. Today people are engaged in race to amass wealth. They work and struggle hard to get something. They say that do everything in life to be happy.

What is happiness? Happiness is state of mind. It is to be sought and found. Pleasure –seekers miss it. They are restless, discontented and have no inward happiness. People often think that money brings happiness. Though money is essential for a happy life, it can do much to make life unpleasant. So, the source of happiness cannot simply be wealth.

There are some golden rules to be happy. Good health is very important for happiness. A person who suffers from ailments cannot be happy. But there are people who, in spite of their sickness and pain, keep smiling faces. They are brave souls who find happiness within. So by observing the laws of health, one can enjoy good health. To be happy, we should live within our means. We should not buy costly and unnecessary things which we cannot afford. We should also cut down our expense, and avoid unnecessary wants and desires.

The next condition for happiness is congenial work. An idler is rarely a happy man. Workers are generally cheerful. A man who has a congenial occupation finds great happiness in his work. We should have healthy amusements and hobbies to fill our leisure hours. These will add to the happiness of life. Pleasant social intercourse is a great source of happiness. Man is a social animal and he cannot lead a solitary life. True friendship is one of the most precious treasures of life. The true source of happiness lies within. Happiness depends on ourselves. A poor man may also be happy in a hut and millionaire unhappy in a palace. Happiness also can be achieved by doing serve to mankind. Service to humanity is nothing but service to God. Lastly, one can also engaged in religious discourses and spiritual practices to achieve happiness.

Thus, the secret of happiness lies in unselfishness, kindness to others, humility, cleanliness of mind, a clear conscience and an upright life.