Short Essay Writing on A STREET-HAWKER


A street-hawker is a person who sells his things from door to door, shouting at the top of his voice. The Street-Hawkers renders a very useful service to the society. They carry big baskets on their heads. They usually sell eatables or vegetables. Some hawkers keep the eatables on four-wheeled carts. They attract the children and women with their pets and selected words. The bangle sellers, the sellers of cosmetics and pieces of cloth are the favourites of the women. They eagerly wait for the street hawkers and surround him. They take pleasure in buying sub-standard items and getting robbed. Our street-hawker, Gangu, sells stale and foul-smelling vegetables. Many housewives purchase vegetables from him save time and repent later on. Children buy rubbish from the street hawkers. In this way, they lose their appetite and ruin their health.