Short Essay Writing on AN IDEAL CITIZEN


An ideal citizen is he who understands well both, his rights and his duties. An ideal citizen is always loyal to the country. At the time of national crisis or danger he is prepared to sacrifice everything for his country. He does his duty without any selfish motive. He is prepared to shed his blood for her sake.

An ideal citizen will always respect the right of other citizens. He never forgets that he is but one of the members of the society. He lives not only for himself but for the good of the whole society. He is not guided by personal interests.

A good citizen has great respect for the laws of the society. He has no sympathy with the breakers of law and anti social elements. He never thinks of taking the law into his own hand. He uses his powers of speaking and writing to get unjust laws reformed. But so long as a law is a law, he has nothing but obedience to it.

An ideal citizen is not an inactive member of the society. He takes keen interest in national affairs. He realizes the value of his vote and uses it for the good of the country. He never loses hope. He believes that life has a definite purpose. He is not indifferent to what is happening around him. He co-operates with his fellow citizens in promoting the welfare of the society.

An ideal citizen has self-control, common sense, knowledge and devotion of duty. He is able to understand the real interests of the society. He never tries to force his will upon others, nor does he feel offended if others do not agree with him. He stands for the rights and welfare of all the citizens and resists injustice and cruelty with all his power.

In short an ideal citizen contributes his best to establish a better and happier society for every member of it.