Short Essay Writing on APPLE


Apple is the name of Indian satellite which revolves round the earth and helps in the transmission of news and views, radio broadcasts and television telecasts. It is one of the greatest achievements for Indian scientists and astrophysicists. India can now match USA and USSR in the sophisticated space technology.

Apple was launched in the middle of 1981 with the help of European Space Agency and from their astrodome near France. It is now circulating over India and helps us in sophisticated telecommunications. Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi’s message on Independence Day, August 15, 1981, was transmitted live to millions of listeners throughout the country via the Apple. It was clearly heard throughout the country.

Apple was not a complete success initially. It had many snags which were tackled by our scientists. When Apple became fully operational, all television programmes in India and from abroad came to the view directly via the Apple.

Newton had discovered the laws of gravitation from the fall of an apple from a tree. Our scientists have reversed the process and sent the “apple” from the earth into the sky. We are all proud of our scientists.