History is a record of wars. Peace is still a dream. People talk of peace but prepare for war. Almost all the countries have been raising their defense budgets. With the fall of Soviet empire, cold war is over. But the fall of Communism has seen disintegration of many countries. World wars have been replaced by small ones. They are uglier still. The world wars were fought for a number of years. These small wars may continue for years together.

The nation of Islamic brotherhood has been falsified by a number of wars between Islamic nations. Iran-Iraq, Iraq-Kuwait and the furious war continuing among three groups in Afghanistan have rendered lakhs of people dead. The trouble in Bosnia and Palestine seems unending. The African tribes never see eye to eye. Millions have recently died in South Africa. It seems that the main business of some of the Middle East and Asian Islamic countries and the tribes of many African countries is to have wars on big or small scale.

Short essay writing topics on World Peace
World Peace

After the partition of India in 1947 India has been making progress in the field of industries. Pakistan too has been. But there the main industry is the manufacture of arms and ammunitions. A country having a population of 13 crore people thinks of only preparations of war against India. In India there is no peace in North East region and in Kashmir valley. In Sri Lanka LTTE and the government have a perpetual struggle? In U.K there are permanent violent clashes between the Protestant English and the Roman Catholic Irish people.

In the first and second century .D there were bloody wars between the Christians and the non- Christians in Europe. After the sixth century Islamic crusaders attacked many parts of Asia including India, Africa and some parts of Europe too. The wars didn’t stop with the attacks from the Muslim countries of the Middle East. The neo-converts to Islam waged wars against the rest with a greater vehemence. This spirit of Jehad has not stopped even today. Looking to this permanent phenomenon a French astrologer once said that the next world war would be between the fundamentalist Muslim forces and the rest of the world. It means he foresaw another war long back. The wars that started among the people of the Stone Age are still continuing. The only difference is that the old nomad fought with stones and boulders while the modern man has the most sophisticated arsenal. Even the atomic ammunition has been left behind. The LASER rays when fully developed may kill all the living beings and vegetation. The there will be permanent peace-peace of the graveyard.