Short Essay Writing Topics on A MARKET SCENE


I live in Luxmi Nagar. It is located in east Delhi. It has become a business centre the noisiest place as people come here from far and wide for shopping. One can meet all types of buyers there. It is the best meeting place for friends. There are a large number of show rooms and shopping plazas. Some prominent eating places like Nirulas, Whimpy’s and Bangla Sweets have sprung up here. People get most of their necessities from here.

Crowds swell in the evening.  People from all wks of life are seen shopping around. Some shopkeepers do roaring business. This is also an opportune time for evil characters to indulge in their activities. Eve-teasers pass vulgar remarks on girls. The pick-pockets are also in the lookout for their preys. Police keep watch on bad element.