Short Essay Writing on A WALK TO SCHOOL ON RAINY DAY


I live in a village, one mile away from the small town where my school is. So I have a good walk to school and back every day.

When I got up in the morning, it was fine weather. I was getting ready to go to school. Soon clouds gathered in the sky. There were dazzling flashes of lightning. Suddenly it started raining. There were a heavy drizzle for a short while, but soon in turned into steady downpour. I waited for some time for the rain to stop, but there were no sign of that. It was time for school. So I took my umbrella and set out.

It was refreshing to go out in the cool air. Everyone and everything looked revived. The trees seemed green. The sound of falling rain is pleasing to the ears. No one minded inconvenience of wet umbrellas and half-wet clothes. There was no good road from my village to the town. There were only paths across the field, and they were slippery. On the way I had to cross a small stream. There was a foot-bridge across the stream. I stood for a while on the bridge, watching the rushing muddy water of the swollen stream below. The wind blustered and the rain pattered on my umbrella and the way seemed twice as long as usual.

At last I reached my town where my school was. The streets were full of water. The street children were playing there, floating paper boats. How I wish I could join them! There was knee-deep water on the road near the school gate. Somehow, I managed to reach the school. I was pretty wet. The children were in happy mood. They were looking out and watching rain. Soon bell rang and we went into our classroom.