The Hidden Treasure – Short Stories

“Thomas! Come and eat your breakfast. How many times must I call you?” shouted Mrs. John. There was no answer from upstairs. “Thomas”, called his mother louder. This time Thomas heard and reluctantly closed his book. His mother seemed to be angry with him.

Thomas was a twelve year old boy who liked reading books a lot. That morning he was reading about buried treasures in the earth and had been so absorbed that he had not heard his mother call.

“There you are. What were you doing all this while” said Mrs. John giving him breakfast. “I am sorry, mother. I did not hear you” explained Thomas. I was reading an exciting book about hidden gold.”

Mr. John who was reading the newspaper looked up at that. “After you finished your breakfast come out to the backyard and I shall show you some more gold which is hidden in the earth.” He said to his son. “Yes father” said Thomas slowly.

Mr. John was a lover of nature and an enthusiastic gardener. He was also a very hard worker and would work tirelessly from morning till evening in his garden. Usually Thomas would avoid going into the garden because his father would make him do some work.

Mr. John asked Thomas to get a basket and a shovel and he took him to the backyard. Mr. John had grown many kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers. “Come here and I shall show you gold”. So saying Mr. John began to dig in the row of potatoes. Thomas began to laugh “Are you joking father? You promised me to show gold and you are digging for potatoes,” he said.

“Wait, my son, you shall see” replied his father. Digging with his spade slowly, he parted the soil and there lay big, golden brown potatoes. Golden potatoes glistening in the sun. Mr. John plucked them and put in the basket Thomas was holding.

“Now come this side” said Mr. John and began to dig in another row. He pulled out beetroot, carrots, turnips and put them all this in the basket. Thomas was still puzzled. Why had his father lied to him?

Then after all the plucking was over Mr. John sat down in the garden and explained to his son. “Listen Thomas, you thought that I would show you gold metal. That is a different kind of gold. It is the cause of much greediness and people fight and die for it. But look at this gold nature gives us so plentifully. Carrots, beets, radishes and all the other vegetables and fruits too. We need them and use them every day to keep us alive. This is the kind of gold which keeps us healthy. A man who has a lakh of golden coins but is very ill is indeed poor as his gold is not of any use to him. Now do you understand what I mean when I say I have a treasure buried in my backyard?”

Just then they heard Mrs. John calling out to them. Gathering all the freshly plucked vegetables they went inside. “Mother I have brought you a basket of gold” cried Thomas. “What did you say” his mother came running and then stopped and they all began to laugh. Thomas realized the truth of his father’s words.

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