Globalization as the word suggests means the interaction and intermingling of cultures , societies ,countries worldwide which results in exchange and sharing of various ideas, trade of goods, global relations, and various other changes. Over the years, since India became a part of the global interactive scenario, many changes, both good and bad, have been seen.

first development seen in India as an effect of globalization is large scale production and manufacturing of goods, called industrialization. India was always a land of small scale industries and cottage industries. The concept of bulk production and machine aided processes was a result of global interaction. Today, India boasts of a huge industrial sector. The most integral part of Indian economy viz. agriculture now incorporates the best technology and scientific methods which were once introduced by the people of the west.

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 India has not always been on the receiving end. It has given to the world some of the finest brains and human resource. It has offered some of the most important ideas and opinions which the world has accepted readily. From the concept of zero to the finest pieces of literature, India has given it all, and while it reached the people beyond the nations’ boundaries, these great minds received admiration, respect and appreciation. Even today, some of the finest work force abroad is Indian.

Globalization has also introduced the idea of urbanization in our country. Globalization has even lead to the concept of multiculturalism. Today in the Indian urban society, we see many western concepts that have been introduces and been accepted by the people. For an instance, we see growing number of nuclear families in a country where the entire village used to stay as one family. We see many alien traditions and languages in our country which had come with some of our guests and stayed back even after their departure. English is the official language of India where surprisingly it does not have an indigenous origin. Globalization has also extended its reach up to Indian governance and administration. We have accepted many ideals of foreign thinkers and leaders and have built a strong democracy over the years. India has evolved as a subcontinent and it keeps up to the title as we can see a number of cultures, societies and people with entirely different histories living together with peace and harmony. Despite all the social vices, India boasts of a rich heritage and diverse history which coexists with a modern, competitive, developing society.

Globalization, like all other things has its own dark side. It has resulted in the phenomenon of brain-drain and excessive outflow of talent, and human resource. Today, most of the finest brains go out in search of better work conditions and settle down abroad, thus causing a loss to our country. Besides that, globalization has introduced many social practices which tend to soil Indian traditions. Thus, we can see that globalization can be both a boon and a bane for any nation. It depends on us how we should mold it in our favor.

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