Importance of Self Reliance

Self-reliance means developing the right skills and capabilities to do one’s activities without depending on outside support. Its essence is not to wait for the opportunity to knock at one’s door but to create opportunities for oneself by doing hard work and acquiring the qualities that are necessary to move ahead in life.Essay Topics on Self reliance

People who practice self-reliance are truly the masters of their own destiny. They never blame fate, unfit circumstances or find fault with the systems or the society. They make use of their own tools and use them with great skill and concentration, focusing mainly on their goal. Their success, achievement and creation bear the stamp of their personality. They are original in their ideas, innovative in their approach and become the torch-bearers of prosperity. They are always to achieve their objectives because they are resolute, single-minded and self-disciplined. They know their relative strengths and weaknesses and use up their energies in such a way that their weaknesses are not exposed to others. They execute their plans themselves and operate on their own modes.essay writing topics

Self-reliance is the shortest possible route to success. Lord Buddha once said. “You are both the friend and the enemy of yourself. The heaven and the hell lie within you. It is up to you to choose. You are your own lamp, guide and staff. Never depend on others. Be the maker of your destiny. Help yourself and the world will help you. These lines remind us of the time-tested adage, “God helps those who helps themselves”. The Almighty has given every human being two hands to work and a mind to distinguish between good and bad. Why should any one then try to walk on somebody else’s crutches?Speech Topics Essay Writing Topics

It has also been found that those who develop the habit of depending on others lose their capabilities of doing even the smallest of things. This happens because their body become lethargic, their mind lazy and their muscles requiring rest all the time. Such people desire someone at their beck and call all the time to fetch or carry something for them. They get so used to asking for help for everything that they lose their confidence and are afraid of trying to do something themselves. They are not liked by anyone because they irritate others by asking for favours and needs for all the time. There is a direct relationship between self-reliance and success. Observing the way working of highly successful people shows us that they imbibed the habit of being self reliant at an early age.

Self-reliance is not and easy thing to gain. It needs some amount of great sacrifice. A great sense of discipline to follow the given or set schedule to perform those activities that demand much attention. Parents and other elders in the family, and teachers play a vital role in making children self-reliant. Self- reliance take a lot of dedicated hard worked and purposeful endeavour.

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