Food holds utmost importance in everyone’s’ lives. Not just as a basic necessity for survival, it holds a cultural, social and sentimental significance in some communities. The traditions and rituals attached to meals and cuisines for some societies date back to ancient history.  For many people, their meals are grand and have certain rules and principles attached to them. Some communities do not have their meals unless the entire family is present. Some others believe in taking the courses of a meal in a particular order. Food forms an integral part of culture and social richness of people. It also symbolizes social status and position for some people. People judge others on the basis of the food served to them, the order it is served in, the way they are presented and even the amount it is served in. Table manners and food habits hold utmost importance in some societies and their disobedience is taken as offensive and disrespectful. Some cuisines are an identity to their place of origin and the world often comes to know these places due to the food that travels all over the world.Speech Topics

Today many food habits, traditions and manners have been changed due to various reasons. Due to globalization, cuisines have been altered and recipes have been modified to suit the various tastes. Due to the fast modern life and growing trend of nuclear families, many table manners have been ignored and eliminated from our lives. The trend of junk food and instant fast food has suppressed the concept of complete and balanced nutrition. Adulteration of food items has degraded the quality of food found these days.

These changes have brought huge amounts of changes in our lifestyle and the quality of our living too. Diseases like obesity, diabetes have been on a rise due to growing intake of junk food. Often, it is impossible for the entire family to be present during the meals these days which might lead to reduced family values. Modification in recipes has even led to loss of the original flavor of many recipes which have not been preserved. The food items available these days are not pure which cause various diseases like infections, food poisoning etc. This degraded quality of food has affected the quality of nutrition provided to us. Studies say that this leads to decrease in the average lifetime of a person. The cultural and social sentiments attached to the food habits and traditions have been decreased to negligible levels due to the fast lives people lead today. Thus, we see a changing trend and outlook towards one of our basic necessities over the changing times.

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