The Evils of Bad Company

‘True friendship is an identity of souls, rarely to be found in this world’, said Mahatma Gandhi.

Friends mean a lot more to most of us. It is a relationship that goes beyond the barriers of age, sex, caste, creed, language or nationality. Good friendship has a lasting and beneficial influence on everybody’s life and success. Real friends shares infinite love and caring between each other. From the childhood itself we need friends. No one can live happily without even having one friend at least. In the different stages of our life each and every person should try to keep friends. Because friends should influence one’s life which may be bad or good.  On the other hand, keeping bad company can ruin one’s life and happiness.Speech topics

By being in bad company necessarily does not refer to the habits or vices of a person, but the basic personality of his or hers. Since a major part of the daily time is spent in the company of friends it is important to know and differentiate between good and bad company. It is often said that one is judged by the company one he moves with.Speech topics

A bad friend is one tends to be selfish and abusive with others. There are no hesitations about utilizing another person to benefit oneself. The ability to put a lot of trust is lost. He/ she does not evoke trustworthy feeling towards him/ her relationships. In they want things to be done their in own way. They have limited respect for other people opinions or emotions. They are always desirous of achieving things through unjust means. They encourage the making of bad choices since they care least about other’s wellbeing.

They are skillful at criticizing and backbiting and always keep their likes and dislikes at the apex. They lack moral values and are not boonded by love and affection. They evince little interest in the general public and most often spread an aura of negative elements. It is really hard to recognize a truly supportive acquaintance. In choosing the company to be kept for long one should exercise extreme caution. A true friend is the one who will not let you down in times of need. He will be by your side in times of dire need. The saying that ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is relevant at all times.

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