As a student, I am always eager to get a holiday. It is natural that I am very happy on a Sunday, as it is a holiday. Six days of tedious work make me dull and tired. I need some rest to rejuvenate myself for the week’s work ahead. I get a day of rest and leisure on a Sunday and I enjoy every minute of it. My parents also don’t tax me on a holiday and allow me to be free to do what I want. So I wish every day were a Sunday.

I get at 5 a.m. on all working days to do my studies and to go to school. I cannot enjoy good breakfast or a hearty lunch on those days. But on a Sunday i get up very late. My mother doesn’t call me until the breakfast is ready. I take a leisurely bath and go for breakfast. My mother makes delicious dishes on a Sunday as all the members of the family are at home. We eat our breakfast together. By this time, my friends would have assembled in the ground near my house. We have formed a small club of school children and on every Sunday we assemble in the ground to play cricket. We play there till noon. I stop the game when my calls for the lunch.

After lunch I go to the ground where my friends have already come by then we plan some programmes for the next holidays, like a visit to a park or for a film show. We also discuss our plans to organize some friendly match with our other clubs. We then disperse in order to enjoy the Sunday movie on the television. It is good source of enjoyment. On some Sunday, my parents take me to the park or for a film show.

When we sit for supper in the evening, the fear of getting up early next morning grips my mind. I go to bed early so that I can get up early too. Before going to sleep, I say goodbye to my dear Sunday and wish it to come again as soon as possible in the form of holiday.