STRIKES: Essay Writing Topics


Today no one is ignorant of the word ‘strike’. It has become so common and familiar to everybody that they use it any time and everywhere. No sphere of service is free from them. Gradually the word lock out is being used by the owners.  No country is free from the strike

It is caused due to the dissatisfaction among the workers. When workers do not get wages in return of their labour, they give the notice to their leaders of the union and they forward to the owners of the factories, companies and institutions. If their demands mentioned in the notice are granted, they resort to strike. Sometimes they just give the notice, sometimes they do only pen down strikes and sometime hunger strikes.

As prices are rising day by day and it is becoming very difficult for the low salaried employees or the workers to meet the needs of their daily life. When they do not get any relief they become revolting and resort to strike.

Sometimes when juniors get the promotion instead of the seniors who actually deserves it causes a revolt in them against this illegal act of the authorities and they do the strikes. Others also leave their work in sympathy. They think that it may be happen to them too one day.

There are many other causes as a worker dies or gets his organ damaged due to the fault of machinery. The employer does not pay him well and sometimes he shows very duel attitude towards the sufferer. So to put the pressure on the employer the workers shout and demonstrate. At the end they do the strikes.

When there is strike, the work is stopped. The whole system becomes panicky. In the society everyone is connected with one another. When a one party resorts the strike it affects the other people of the society. Due to strikes things become scare. Prices go high and the poor suffer the most.

When teachers or students do the strikes, it spoils the career of the most of the brilliant students. It causes late studies, late examinations, and late results and in this way sometimes they can’t sit in the competitive examinations. Some political parties take the advantage of the poverty and ignorance of the workers.

The government should be alert at the time of crisis. They should provide relief to the public as much as it is possible. Strikes, ‘Band’ ad ‘hartal’ are very harmful and these should be checked, otherwise they will check the progress of the nation.