STUDENT LIFE: Essay Topics


Student life is considered to be the best period in human life. A student is without worries, cares and responsibilities. His sole duty is to be diligent and arduous in studies to show good result. A brilliant student seeks the affection of his parents, teachers and neighbours. His classmates give him due regard and try to initiate and out-pace him in their performance. Student life is the ground where seeds of one’s career are sown. It trains the students for all walks of life. A student’s healthy participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities builds his career. He enjoys free movement. Everybody at home takes care of his needs and requirements. The teachers also try to inculcate good qualities and habits in him. He receives a V.I.P treatment. A student has some obligations. He should work hard to show good results. He should be obedient, punctual, and honest. He should respect his teachers and elders. He should ever be ready to help others. He should love and respect his country above anything  else.