It has become one of the major subjects of discussion whether political activities of students are allowed in the campus of educational institutions. Though the court has directed not to allow campus politics, political parties and students organizations have not give much importance to it. Political activities are being continued in campus.

Should students take part in politics? It is a subject to be thought over, I think. There remain many other such questions.

Is it needed for the smooth functioning of future democracy? Will it adversely affect the students whose main concern is acquiring knowledge. There are many such questions to be answered.

There are many, especially the politicians, who are of the firm opinion that students should have active participation in politics and consequently in the national activities. They point out that in some democratic countries the age of franchise has been lowered.

A person becomes major under the law for many purposes at the age of 18. Besides, it is argued that education doesn’t mean swallowing mere text books.

Again, practical knowledge on the functioning of the democratic system in the country can mainly be achieved by means of politics in campus.

Practical knowledge helps them understand clearly the set up of the Executives, Judiciary and Parliament. It will help him to come in contact with the day to day changing political scenario in the country.

But there are many who believe that such a move will be disasterous in the present condition in India. It will demoralize higher education. Besides, the students in every university and college will split in to the members of political parties. It has already produced indiscipline in many universities and has led to the closure of many educational institutions. It has also resulted in the disruption of studies and postponement of examinations resulting in the lowering of the standard of education. It is to be remembered that the standard of education in India is not at all satisfactory when compared to other developed countries. Our educational system is not capable of bearing a great blow like this anymore. So they argue, it is a better to get rid of politics atleast for the time being.

There are also others who think that politics can be allowed in campus to an extent. Student organization can be allowed to form on the basis of politics. Students should elect their representatives as leader, art secretary, magazine editor etc. They can convene mock parliament, make debates and discussions. It will help the students to come in contact with democratic activities. It also helps to make the campus free from violence. Now, even the college magazines are composed as per the directives of the political god father of the magazine editor. Such ill motivated tendencies are to be avoided to check the students from being divided on the basis of politics. Also, it will help to maintain a healthy attitude among the student towards politics.

But nothing is possible unless there is a consensus among the political parties. But the political parties are of the opinion that campus politics must continue without any change from the present condition.