Essay Writing Topics about POLLUTION

Essay on pollution and its effects

Essay on Pollution and its effects In this Essay on pollution we discuss about the types of pollution and its effects to the environment. Since the beginning of life on this planet, the atmosphere has functioned as an acceptor of emitted wastes. When the convenience and comforts of man is increasing, he has to upset … Read more


IMPACTS OF AUTOMOBILE POLLUTION Before 1970 air and water pollution were considered serious problems. Noise and nuclear pollutions were added to these too – and ozone too. The smog that reduced the visibility in Malaysia and Mexico City and later the smog that engulfed the Los Angeles Valley in California in 1970 compelled the world … Read more

Persuasive Essay Topics on AIR POLLUTION Cause and Effects

Persuasive Essay Topics on AIR POLLUTION Cause and Effects Scientific development in developed countries has gone as fast as population growth in underdeveloped countries. The two factors are equally responsible for pollution of different kinds. Increase in production means increase in factories, mills, petro chemical set ups and huge industrial complexes. Almost all these belch … Read more