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MY AMBITION IN LIFE ‘Man is a born sinner’ said the prophet. No wonder sins have dominated the world scene through ages. The concept of sin has changed from time to time and fro region to region. Jehads have been guided by religious fervor. Forcible conversations have been considered God’s work. Nations have been devastated … Read more

Essay Writing – Ambition in Life

“Ambition” is a very strong desire for success, achievement, or distinction. Ambition can be good or bad. An ambition to achieve a good object is good, and an ambition to achieve a bad object is bad. To succeed well in one’s studies, to attain a high position in society, to become rich and prosperous, to become famous – these are all good ambition if the means adopted to achieve them are good. But far more praiseworthy is the ambition to do well to others. The ambition to become doctor in order to serve the sick and alleviate their suffering is a noble ambition.

To become a school teacher or a college professor in order to spread knowledge and to educate young people is an equally noble ambition. Similarly, it is an exceedingly noble ambition to devote on self to the upliftment and welfare of the poor, miserable sections of society. This is especially so in India, where nearly 400 million people live in abject poverty, squalor, and misery, without food, clothing or shelter, illiterate, ignorant and superstitious, exploited and downtrodden, despises and treated as outcasts and untouchables.

Ambition is the driving force that makes people make the necessary effort to achieve success in their chosen profession or calling. Therefore, children and young people should be encouraged to cultivated noble ambitions. It is the sacred duty of parents and teachers to engender and foster noble ambitions in the children and young people entrusted to their care.

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