A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #4

IDEA 4: A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION You only get one chance to make a good first impression. That statement may be cliché, but it is true. In sales terms another maxim is almost more important; first impression last. However you look at it, selling is easier if first impression lead people to positive conclusions, and … Read more

Make Customers Respect You – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #3

IDEA 3: MAKE CUSTOMERS RESPECT YOU If a customer sees you as professional, they will be more likely to trust you, to listen to your advice- and to buy from you. Sometimes what can engender this respect comes through general manner and how you are with people, rather than from something that is inherently part … Read more

Be Available – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #2

IDEA 2: BE AVAILABLE It is, of course, a fact that often it is tedious dealing with customers who will not make up their mind. You want confirmation now. They want to think about it (which reminds me of the saying that when a customer’s says” I’ll think about it and let you know”- you … Read more

Getting People to Give you Time – Sales and Marketing Ideas #1

IDEA 1 : GETTING PEOPLE TO GIVE YOU TIME Many sales people need to take steps to get people to give them their undivided attention, to spend sufficient time with them and to do so willingly because they believe it is useful. But…. People are busy, these days pressure on time seems to be greater … Read more